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August 8, 2008

Practise..practise and practise

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I baked an american chocolate cake..but in the end..I put half of tha batter into cupcakes I got a cake and chocolate cupcakes…then dok wandering how to deco them…this process took me almost 2 days to finish ti..1st to make the buttercream..then to decide how to deco..then do the decoration..then do the dishes…am I complaining or what? hehehe not that..just telling the tales..

Looking at the results..I really need more practises…just like the title..:)

Here are the photos taken before they were nyummed…

July 10, 2008

Decorate your cuppies

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This is my first attempt of making roses on cupcakes…never experience of watching people doing this except in youtube..hehehe..dah banyak kali baca from, with all those tips and hints..I did all these with audience…my kids of course with lots of encouragement..thanks dear..

I used buttercream with vanilla flavour..the cupcakes are choc moist flavour..the verdict? It taste better with buttercream.

July 7, 2008

As promised..

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As promised before…I would like to tell the other part of my entry a few months earlier..actually it’s about a course that was held here ..a 2 days course…dah lama tak attend any kind of course since full time working as a home minister, with full encouragement from my dear..I enrolled and attended was really good ..exciting..had a chance to learn new things..yg selama ni kita baca and try sendiri..silap and try again…the chef was brilliant..PR pun bagus..his work pun no doubt mmg bagus..and lastly boleh kenal ramai kawan2 baru..anybody out there kalau nak join this kind of course..please do’s worth it! Here are pics showing chef at demonstrating the correct technique and telling the useful tips to get good results in baking…arigato gozaimasu!

Below are the photos on what we had baked and decorated..actually most of them baked by chef..we were the honoured guests..hehehe

June 25, 2008

Highly recommended

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For those who have kids or would have kids in future, this book is very highly recommended from me. I’ve been reading it and can’t put it down. Very interesting, highly motivating. Full with tips and guidance to motivate children using positive and practical ways. It includes stories and case study that would inspire parents.

Why wait?..grab one from the nearest bookstore..and you’ll thank me for telling you this.

Cheese + brownies with separate layers= cheese brownies

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This is my first trial of making brownies, before I just bought and ate..heheh..but I was kinda like to have a cheesy taste goes with, carilah resepi yg ada cheese + brownies. The outcome is cheese brownies. The taste is marvellous..

June 24, 2008

Chocolate chips cheese cupcakes

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Salam….ni yg terbaru..hehe break record la ni..baru ptg tadi siap, malam ni dah ada kat blog..I had no idea what to bake for, belek punya belek..found this not so new muffin recipe. I had baked this a few times before…when I was in Lboro..even baked this at Ela Hairi house..ingat lagi tak Ela? We overbaked this muffin..tapi still laku ye..hehee..Today I did some modifications, instead of using muffin method of mixing, I used cake method..haa camner tu? Using muffin method, you have to mix wet ingredients into dry ingredients, since I don’t really like the texture, I used old fashion cake method which was beat the butter and sugar, then beat in egg. Add in flour, alternately with fresh milk. Sprinkle some chocolate chips and bake. The verdict? They taste lot better. More important, my girls love them.

Chocolate Rice Orange Muffin

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It’s toooo long since I’ve updated this blog..sorry for the readers..ampun maaf..bukan sengaja, banyak sebabnya…ni sempat update..let’s have a look.

This is chocolate rice orange muffin..suit those who likes orange + chocolate taste, just like me. But you can still modify according to your taste..either you put strawberry paste or coffee paste..or any other flavour that suits you. You can easily get the recipe from Mamafami fotopages.

June 23, 2008

Indulge in this

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I’m craving for chocolate..but good chocolate not easy to get, so what to do? Bake a chocolate cake for myself..heheheh..hmm after kids had their own portion while the cake still has steam on it, the cake looks bare to me..hehe apa nak buat dgn cake yg dah di potong ni?? improvise la apa yg ada…so, within those 2 layers it has chocolate white mousse and chocolate ganache…the verdict? it taste lot better.

Another one is cucur jagung..just campak apa yg ada in the fridge such as cili, daun sup, fresh shrimp..etc..etc..and of course kena ada jagung..kalau tak, tak leh la called cucur jagung..

May 6, 2008


Filed under: AjaTales — sarahyanasufia @ 3:10 am

Dah lama buat pizza baru ada masa nak update..cobaaan…this is freshly home bake pizza..with your own choices of toppings..apa2 pun..the more toppings you taste better..hehehe esp the cheese. For me, I can’t have it without really pizzas up the tastes

April 14, 2008

Looking forward..

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This is one thing that I’ve been looking to..since I’m a bit away from the center of Malaysia..( KL ler tu..hhehee)’s kinda hard to get this in my area..the full story of this will be here afterwards..taraaaaaa

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